Wall of Pioneers

The Wall of Pioneers in downtown Alpine, took a major step with the construction of the Wall and the placing of the bricks on the sidewalk.

Phase one and two of the project have been completed. Phase one was the removal of existing planters and benches and site preparation. Phase two was the actual bricks and mortar construction of the Wall, and the placing of the bricks on the walkway, finished in the summer of 2008.

The electrical infrastructure has been put in place to facilitate future lighting enhancement, and walkways between the Wall and Holland Avenue. Benches have been installed which were donated by the Alpine Rotary Club.

Phase three will include the placing of wrought iron decorative fencing on the top of the Wall and the placing of the plaques with the Pioneer Names on them.

While waiting to finish Phase three, anyone wanting to buy a brick to help with the cost of the Wall is encouraged to participate.

To date expenditure of wall and bricks is sixty-three thousand dollars. Phase three estimate is thirty-five to forty thousand dollars, so we are well over halfway to our goal.