William Adolph Daugherty Home

William Adolph Daugherty Home407 North Second Street William A. Daugherty was the original owner of this historic, two-story home. He, his wife Josephine, and at least six of their eight children arrived in Alpine in 1902. Two of his three […]

First Baptist Church of Alpine

Historical records point to the Baptists as being the first protestant religious group to hold worship services in Murphyville (Alpine). Rev. George W. Baines, II is generally credited with preaching the first sermon at the Southern Pacific station in the […]

W.W. Townsend – A.H. Palmer Home

W.W. Townsend – A.H. Palmer Home807 West Sul Ross Avenue This old home is an excellent example of design and fine craftsmanship of the early 1900’s. Architecturally, it is a hybrid of Greek Revival and Victorian Styles. The main feature […]

J.C. Coleman Home

J.C. Coleman Home708 East Lockhart Avenue An article in the October 14, 1927, edition of the Alpine Avalanche announced that “one of the most modern and complete homes in Alpine” was to be built for Mr. and Mrs. J. C. […]

William L. Means Home

William L. Means Home605 South Cactus Street On the southwest side of Alpine is an area known as the Means Addition, named for the early settler who once owned that land. W. L. Means, born in 1872, was one of […]

M.A. Boyd Home

M.A. Boyd Home603 West Lockhart Avenue Located at the corner of 10th Street and Lockhart is the pleasant home of Ellen Stevens. Built in approximately 1901, the house is a two storied structure with a Gambrel barn style roofline, popular […]

The First Christian Church of Alpine

The First Christian Church of Alpine201 West Sul Ross Avenue In June of 1890 General R. M. Gano, Civil War Veteran and a long-time minister of the Christian Church, came to Alpine and invited people of that faith who were […]

Gourley, Stroud-Dallman Home

Gourley, Stroud-Dallman Home301 North Ninth Street The first owner of the large two-story house on the corner of Sul Ross Avenue and 9th Street was Dock William Gourley. He had come to the Big Bend country in the 1880’s with […]

The W. D. Kincaid/James Lewis Wade Home

The W. D. Kincaid/James Lewis Wade Home403 North Eighth Street Built in 1887-1888 for the W. D. Kincaid family on land originally owned by the Murphys, founders of Murphyville (Alpine), Queen Ann Victorian red brick home with arched brick window […]

The Apolinar “Polo” Garcia Home and Grocery Store

The Apolinar “Polo” Garcia Homeand Grocery Store601 South Harrison Street This old adobe house, with the long, covered front porch, dates back to the early 1900’s. It is possible that a family named Fierro built the home and lived in […]