The Alpine Historical Association | Historic Alpine, Inc. (AHA) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Our members have an interest in maintaining the history of Alpine. They include individuals, corporations, and organizations. AHA operates with a mission of enhancing and promoting the Alpine Historical Association for the benefit of its membership. AHA is engaged with Alpine’s local leaders and various groups to maintain the local quality of life, help secure and protect Alpine’s heritage and ensure a healthy business and living environment in Alpine’s historic downtown areas and historic overlays. We are supported by membership fees, donations, grant funding, community fundraising and our local events and tours.

What We Do

  • Advocates for Preservation
  • Build Awareness & Appreciation of our History & Heritage
  • Liaison Between the Community and the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Survey Endangered Buildings & Homes
  • Address Community Concerns
  • Protect our Neighborhoods
  • Resource to home and business owners


AHA is in partnership with the city of Alpine and the Texas Historic Commission and is dedicated to historic preservation, rehabilitation, beautification, and the promotion of sustainable economic development for Alpine, Texas. We help the community revitalize and restore historic buildings, houses, and neighborhoods while building awareness and appreciation of our history and heritage.