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Christmas Tour of Alpine Homes
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William Adolph Daugherty Home
407. North Second St.

William A. Daugherty was the original owner of this historic two-story home. This home was built after he, his wife and at least six of their eight children arrived in Alpine in 1902. [Read Full History....]
First Baptist Church of Alpine
Corner of N. Fourth St. and Sul Ross Ave.
Historical records point to the Baptists as being the first protestant religious group to hold worship services in Murphyville (Alpine). The present church was built in 1916. [Read Full History....]
W.W. Townsend - A.H. Palmer Home
807 West Sul Ross Avenue
This old home, built in 1908, is an excellent example of design and fine craftsmanship of the early 1900's.      [Read Full History....]
J.C. Coleman Home
708 East Lockhart Avenue
An article in the October 14, 1927 Alpine Avalanche announced that "one of the most modern and complete homes in Alpine" was built for Mr./Mrs. J.C. Coleman. [Read Full History....]
William L. Means Home
605 South Cactus Street
This was the home of William L. Means, and early settler who came to Brewster County in the 1890's. The house is part of the Means Addition, named in his honor. [Read Full History....]
M.A. Boyd Home
603 West Lockhart Avenue
Located at the corner of Tenth St. and W. Lockhart, this home was built circa 1901 for Milton A. Boyd, his wife and seven children. [Read Full History....]
The First Christian Church of Alpine
201 W. Sul Ross Avenue

In June of 1890 General R. M. Gano, Civil War Veteran and a long-time minister of the Christian Church, came to Alpine.  [Read Full History....]
Gourley, Stroud-Dallman Home
301 North Ninth Street
The first owner of the large two-story house on the corner of Sul Ross Avenue and 9th Street was Dock William Gourley. Construction of the Gourley home was begun in 1895 on land purchased the previous year.  [Read Full History....]
W. D. Kincaid/James Lewis Wade Home
403 North Eighth Street
This red brick home with arched brick window and door headers, shingled gabled ends, and railed porch is an example of a simplified Queen Anne cottage.  [Read Full History....]
Apolinar “Polo” Garcia Home
and Grocery Store
601 South Harrison Street

This old adobe house, with the long, covered front porch, dates back to the early 1900’s. The earliest known residents were the Apolinar “Polo” Garcia family.  [Read Full History....]
George Washington Baines, III, Home
709 East Sul Ross Avenue
This historic grey stucco house was originally the home of newlyweds George W. and Maude Hancock Baines, who were married on December 31, 1908. It is purported to have been a wedding gift.
[Read Full History....]
Virgil E. Miller Home
1405 North Fifth Street
This lovely Cape Cod cottage was built in 1927 for Mr. and Mrs. Virgil E. Miller and their baby daughter, Charlotte Jean. It is constructed of cypress wood and was considered to be a very modern style for that time period.  [Read Full History....]
The Holland Hotel
209 Holland Avenue

At the beginning of the 1900's, rancher and businessman John R. Holland came to the conclusion that there was no respectable hotel in Alpine to meet the needs of the people. In 1912, he built the Holland Hotel.  [Read Full History....]
Mollison Home
605 East Avenue B
In 1929, Ernest Mollison became the manager of Alpine's premier "picture show", the Granada Theater. He and his family lived in this home from at least 1929 until 1943.
[Read Full History....]
C.F. Kimball Home
601 West Sul Ross Avenue
This early ranch style home was built in 1911 on land that area cattleman, C. F. Kimball had purchased from Dubois and Wentworth a year earlier.
 [Read Full History....]
Winter Home
507 North Cockrell Street
This Spanish style stucco home on North Cockrell was built in 1928 for A. Vick and Isabel Winter and their two sons.  [Read Full History....]
Old Adobe Home
505 North Third Street
Tax records show that the land on which the house was built was first owned by Thomas Murphy, one of Alpine's founders.  [Read Full History....]
McMurry Home
608 West Sul Ross Avenue
The first occupants of this simple modified Tudor-style home were the R.A. "Bob" McMurry family. Pictures from as early as 1928 are evidence of their ownership.  [Read Full History....]
Carrillo Home
406 South Cockrell Street
This house is on the west end of Pueblo Nuevo, an area largely settled by former Terlingua residents displaced when the mine closed during World War II.
 [Read Full History....]
Valadez Home/Store
100 West Murphy Street
The building was originally built as a furniture store sometime after the turn of the century.
[Read Full History....]
Solo Café
102 West Murphy Street
Originally constructed as a residence, Tomas Valadez purchased the building ca. 1937 and opened the Solo Café.
 [Read Full History....]
James Lafarelle Home
108 East Avenue F
This house was built sometime before 1900 and appears in a 1902 photo with a white stucco exterior at a time when few south side houses had stucco exteriors.  [Read full History....]
Mexican Methodist Church
209 South Sixth Street
This house was originally built of adobe ca. 1900 and can be seen in a 1902 photo where it then faced onto F Street. It was the Mexican Methodist Church from the 1930s to the early 1950s.
 [Read Full History....]
Scales Home
310 East Sul Ross Avenue

Mr. Shirley Scales and his wife Lettie, who came to Alpine in 1911, purchased this house prior to 1920 and owned it for many years. [Read Full History....]
T. Franklin Skevington Home
301 North Third Street
This house was purchased by T. Franklin Skevington in the late 1920s. Skevington owned the Highway Service Garage and was the Alpine City Secretary in the late 1920s.  [Read Full History....]
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