Archive: Christmas Tour of Homes 2010

The Holland Hotel
209 West Holland Avenue

      At the beginning of the 1900's, when the quicksilver mines in Brewster County were booming and Alpine was seeking the services of the Orient Express Railroad, rancher and businessman John R. Holland came to the conclusion that there was no respectable hotel in Alpine to meet the needs of the people. So, he set out to remedy the situation. In 1912, he built the Holland Hotel.
The original two story building was located at the corner of Holland
and 6th Street. The ground floor consisted of the lobby and numerous office and business spaces leased to Alpine professionals and businessmen. The 2nd floor contained 30 guest rooms.
     Upon the death of John Holland in 1922, his son Clay assumed control of the business and by the mid 20's, he saw a need to expand the operation. Work was begun in 1927 and by March of 1928 a three story Spanish Colonial addition was completed. It included 20 rooms and private baths on both the 2nd and 3rd floors bringing the total guest rooms to 70. The original hotel was remodeled, and the corner lobby was moved to its present location.
     The new hotel included a dining room, banquet/ballroom and an expansive lobby. The new $250,000 Holland Hotel was the epitome of convenience, comfort and beauty. The expansion also provided additional ground floor space for new offices and businesses along Holland and 6th Street. The Holland Hotel became the center of civic, social and business life in Alpine.
Clay Holland sold the business in the mid 1930's. Since then the property has undergone numerous changes and was even abandoned for a period of time. In recent years efforts have been made to revive the old hotel. The present owners are John and Jennifer Jones of Sonora who are working to return the Holland Hotel to its glory days.